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The Royal Canadian Air Force Association is a non-profit, community service organization, established in 1948.     

The Association seeks to maintain unity of purpose by its support, sponsorship and encouragement of all aspects of aviation, aerospace and aeronautics in all its branches.  

This includes: 

-           Honoring the past through perpetuation of the traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force, commemorating significant events and providing a common bond for all aviation personnel;

-           Encouraging improved aviation legislation, supporting both military and civil aviation, and promoting an adequate and effective defence aviation component to meet the requirements of National Defence;

-           Actively promoting the future of the Canadian military and civil aviation, lobbying for the procurement of improved military aviation equipment and maintaining pressures for the further development of the overall Canadian aviation industry as a National economic resource;

-           Participating in community programs designed to develop Canadian youth, particularly Air Cadet activities;

-           Undertaking local community charitable projects, assisting air veterans and encouraging improved veterans’ legislation;

-           Honoring the achievements and efforts of those deserving groups, organizations, Corporations or individuals in or associated with Canadian military and civil aviation;

-           Fostering and encouraging a spirit of fellowship among those involved in aviation endeavors, past and present, and others who support aviation objectives; and

-           Working for Canadian unity, and promoting and encouraging responsible citizenship among all Canadians


The National Executive Council of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association may designate “Regions” of the Association, the boundaries of which shall be determined by the NEC.    Within those Regions, “Groups” shall comprise one or more areas.    For example, the Alberta Group of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association includes all of the Wings located in Alberta.  A “Wing” may be established upon petition of members for a local branch, and upon approval and recommendation of the appropriate Group.

Each of these components of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association will have its own Executive Council, hold its own Assets and Liabilities, conduct its own business as appropriate to the locality, and make its own Rules and Regulations as long as those are not inconsistent with the overall Bylaws of the Air Force Association of Canada, and having been approved by the National or Group Executive Council. 





Meetings and Contact Information

Meetings                   783 (Calgary) Wing meets monthly on the fourth Monday from September through June (Except December)

Meeting Location    Royal Canadian Legion, Centennial Branch #285.
                                     9202 Horton Road S.W.  Calgary, Alberta 

Meeting Time           7:00 pm

Contact                     Pat Sulek

Telephone                403-238-7311 Email   psulek@shaw.ca

Snail Mail                 100 Rosevale Drive NW

                               Calgary, Alberta.  T2K 1N5
 Electronic mail         General Information: Info@783AFACWingCalgary.ca                           Webmaster: Webmaster@783AFACWingCalgary.ca


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